Listed  below  are  of  the  feature  films  that  I  have  collaborated  on  in  various  roles  (storyboards,  set  design,  conceptual  art,  wardrobe   design,  graphics).  Also  listed  are  of  the  production  houses  and  brands  that  I have  represented.

Cape Town based and dedicated to film.

Thank you for your time."

- Louis du Preez

Feature films


2017  Deep Blue Sea 2  GRAPHICS Production Designer:  Franz Lewis

2017  Deep Blue Sea 2  SET DESIGN Production Designer:  Franz Lewis

2016 Tomb Raider 3D DESIGN tba Director: tba

2015  Of Kings And Prophets  Storyboards  ABC Studios Director: Various

2015  Of Kings And Prophets  Wardrobe ABC Studios Director: Various

2014  Northmen- A viking saga  Wardrobe  Director: Claudio Fah

2014  Dominion  Wardrobe  Creator: Vaun Wilmott

2013  Spud 2  Wardrobe Director: Donovan Marsh

2011  Blue Crush 2  Storyboards  Director: Mike Elliott

2011  Skoonheid  Conceptual Art Director: Oliver Hermanus

2010  Outcasts Storyboards Creator: Ben Richards

2008  Doomsday Conceptual Art Director: Neil Marshall

2008  Doomsday Wardrobe Director: Neil Marshall

2008  Starship Troopers 3: Conceptual Art Director: Ed Neumeier

2008  10,000 BC  Conceptual ArtDirector: Roland Emmerich

2008  The Scorpion King 2 Conceptual Art Director: Russel Mulcahy

2008  Tunnel Rats Conceptual Art Director: Uwe Boll

2008  Cash  Storyboards Director: Eric Besnard

2006  The Librarian 2   Conceptual Art  Director: Jonathan Frakes

2006  The Trail  Storyboards   Director: Eric Valli

2006  Blood Diamond  Graphic Design Director: Edward Zwick

2004  Ring of the Nibelungs  Conceptual Art Director: Uli Edel

2004  Ring of the Nibelungs  Fabricator  Director: Uli Edel

2004  King Solomons Mines  Storyboards  Director: Steve Boyum

2004  Blast  Storyboards  Director: Anthony Hickox

2004  Dracula 3000  Storyboards  Director: Darrell Roodt

2002  Home Alone 4  Storyboards  Director: Rod Daniel


Production Houses


Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Turner, BBC One, MPCA, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Egg Films, Stillking, Moonlighting, Farm Films, AFS Productions, Velocity Studios, Film Afrika, Atomik Pictures, Made In Africa, Black Ginger, Tenacity Films, Enigma Films, 7even, Legendary Pictures, Rogue Pictures, Razor Sharp, Metal Tiger, Orange Films, Masters & Savant, Gatehouse, Powdermonkey Films, Ogilvy, The Big Picture Company, Twin Films, Pistoleros, Giant, Slim Film, Navigator Films, GGM Productions, TVC, Plank, Namib Films, Bouffant, Passing Trains, Golden Planes, Dancing Light, Groundglass, Delicious, One Step Beyond, The Asylum, Jump, Rocket Pictures, Triggerfish, Frieze Film, Philo Films, Tandem Pictures, Zen HQ, The Bank, Collective Energy, The Shooting Gallery, Reeleyes Film Production Services, Fox P2, Monkey Films, Ola Films, Saatchi & Saatchi, Casta Diva Pictures, Cinergy, Happy Cat, Can-Can Films and more...


Brands represented


Coca Cola, Budweiser, BMW, Chevrolet, Opel, Renault, VW, Toyota, Audi, Hyundai, Carlsberg, Subaru, Seat, Kia, Bridgestone, Guinness, Wii, Bertollo, Tena, Fortune, Mini, Swatch, Sony, Kenwood, Frisco, Sasol, Dr Oetker, Bupa, Pepsi, Bud Lite, Burger King, KFC, Vodafone, Tic Tac, Property 24, Mc Donalds, Willards, Mentos, Millers Lite, Schick, Movistar, Discovery Channel, Close Up, Carl's Jr, K Mart, Boots, OBI, Can't Believe It's Not Butter!, Castle Lite, Akermans, T Mobile, Cadburys, Telenor, Jameson, Ola, Ponds, UCT, Famous Footwear, Cosmopolitan, Arla, Play, Trident, Tymbark, Tempo, Zoom, Hohes C, Lays, Verizon, Vicks, Lipton, MER, Baskin Robbins, Kellogs, Radox, Kohl's, Mr Muscle, Russel Athletics, Iglo, Pampers,, Redds, Rexona, Winiary, Skippy, Clorox, Philadelphia, Kit Kat, Henkel, South African Airways, LG, Caltex, Pampers, Emilio Pucci, Power Horse,Deka, Paulig, Optum, Verum, Knorr, SAB, Smirnoff Ice, Hansa Pilsener, Euro Millions, Persil, Windhoek Lager, Windhoek Light, Florette, Toffifee, Crest, Stronbow, Chex Mix,, Reeb Beer, Posten, Nippon Paint, Prince Polo, Flake, Ziploc, Wiglo, Ripple, Lifebuoy, Center Parcs, Pilot, Schwinn, Lucky Charms, Garnier, Doom, Thomy, Edge, Prudential, MTN, Flake, Ariel, Propel, Blaze, Tacoma, Tastic, Yakult, Principal, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Afia, Credit Agricole, Kiri, Warka, Smart, Holsten, Hunters Dry, Casino 888, Castle Lager, Tyskie, Gaviscon, Outsurance, Geo, Jonnie Walker Whisky, Batchelors Deli Box, Canadian Tyre, Car Fox, DSTV, Expedia, Hellmans, Valio, Virgin, Omo, So Klin, OLX, Coors, Robinsons, Value, Nivea, Dawn, Fazer, Hennessy, Good Mamma, Mnet, Johnsons, Peak, Parmalat, Surf, Muller, Algida, Coffee Mate, Camay, Lottomax, Lucozade, Silja, Lunch Bar, Jacobs, Zancel, Visa and more....

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